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 Welcome to Conrad-Sewell-Online, your ultimate fan source for Australian singer/songwriter Conrad. We will provide you with all the latest news, media, photos, dates and more. Please explore this site and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments and contributes you may have. Enjoy your time around!
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 Conrad Sewell was raised between the UK and Brisbane. After discovering his love for music in early years already, he worked hard to make it in the business ever since. The success of "Firestone" and "Start Again" eventually proved his decision right. He currently is based in Los Angeles, living his dream to work as singer and songwriter. 

    Conrad has given an INTERVIEW to “the seventh hex”. He´s been asked about the message behind the “Hold me up” video, the difference in the process of writing a fun pop song and a ballad, his bucket list, the meaning of some of his tweets and much more.

    Posted on Jun , 29 2015 Filed under News

    Conrad posted that he´s back in the UK and doing some radio promo over there. Today he was at Fire Radio. The upcoming days more stations will follow. Sadly he didn´t mention which stations and what time.

    “Woo hoo I’m back in England and I bought the sun with me. I’ll be stoping by a radio station near you so listen out for me. X”

     Also “Hold Me Up” is out at SPOTIFY UK!

    Posted on Jun , 29 2015 Filed under News

    At Shazam you can now watch an interview with Conrad where you get to know his story and what we can expect from his upcoming album.

    Conrad also posted full version of the special acoustic version of “Firestone” Conrad recorded for Shazam.
    It simply sounds wonderful :)

    Credits: Shazam

    Posted on Jun , 27 2015 Filed under News

    Nova radio had Conrad in for a little “Quickie” (their word) ;), in which he answer various questions in 60 seconds.

    Posted on Jun , 26 2015 Filed under News

    Conrad will perform at the Brisbane Festival on Sept. 17th at “The Spiegeltent”. It´s open for all Ages!Tickets are available HERE

    There are also discount prices for groups. Have a look on their website under ticket Information.

    Posted on Jun , 26 2015 Filed under News

    I found this local article of BRISBANE TIMES about Conrad´s success in his home town / country and the struggle to have come this far. It´s lovely to read that even the newspaper is excited for his shows. :)

    Posted on Jun , 25 2015 Filed under News

    Here´s an article with in integrated interview with Conrad of Entertainment yahoo. He talks about how the music industry has changed world wide through the internet, his upcoming tour with Maroon 5 and what we can expect on his album.

    Posted on Jun , 24 2015 Filed under News

    Here´s a photo retweeted by KIIS1065, where Conrad played his favourit playlist on air.
    “@ConradOfficial has some awesome shirt game happening..hope his taste in tunes is just as good. He’s on now! Gordie “

    Currently Conrad is back in California.

    Conrad and Gordie

    Posted on Jun , 24 2015 Filed under News

    Here´s a nice little article by DAILYMAIL about the “Sibling Love” between Conrad and Grace. ;)

    Also he added the photos of the shoot for Fiasco Magazin to his FACEBOOK with this nice message:

    “entire photoshoot w/ @FIASCOMagazine & @evaksalvi is up on my FB page! excited to see you all again London😁”

    Posted on Jun , 23 2015 Filed under News

    And Conrad´s journey will take him to the next country!

    “Last day in Australia.. But at least I get to leave with my new buddy. #STARTAGAIN #1”

    Also there´s a new photo of Conrad and Grace, tweeted bei Richard Wilkins.

    “When you’re hot…you’re hot… and you Sewells are on fire! Congrats @conradofficial and @OfficialGrace!”

    Conrad and Grace Sewell

    Posted on Jun , 23 2015 Filed under News

    ARIA posted a photo of Conrad with a #1 Medal. It´s a big deal that he made it to the pole position there!

    Also he will be at radio NOVA tonight to have a little chat.

    “Tune into nova tonight I’m gonna be choppin it up with my boy @Smallzy”

    Conrad Sewell Aria charts

    Posted on Jun , 22 2015 Filed under News

     Here´s a message of Conrad with really good news!
    “AND #STARTAGAIN GOES #1 ON THE ARIA CHARTS!! So grateful & humbled thank you beautiful people you are amazing.”

    Ariacharts compared him with a lot of other famous artist in their article.

    Posted on Jun , 21 2015 Filed under News

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