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 Welcome to Conrad-Sewell-Online, your ultimate fan source for Australian singer/songwriter Conrad. We will provide you with all the latest news, media, photos, dates and more. Please explore this site and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments and contributes you may have. Enjoy your time around!
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 Conrad Sewell was raised between the UK and Brisbane. After discovering his love for music in early years already, he worked hard to make it in the business ever since. The success of "Firestone" and "Start Again" eventually proved his decision right. He currently is based in Los Angeles, living his dream to work as singer and songwriter. 

    You can now watch a bit more of the shoot for the Blackbook magazine on vimeo Conrad posted a while ago on his snapchat for “Who you Lovin”. Absolutely amazing HQ scenes!

    Below you can listen to the interpretation of “Taste The Feeling” by Avicii. Which version to you like better? Conrad or his?

    Posted on Jan , 31 2016 Filed under News

    Another day – another chance to win a meet&greet with Conrad. All you have to do is to go on Twitter and Retweet the following tweet: (Good luck again!)

    “RT to enter & win 2 tix from @CokeMusic for my show at @CultureRoom FLL tonight – I’ll be hosting a meet & greet with winners after my set x”

    If you were not attending the show in The Social Club, Florida, here´s a video of “Start Again” filmed by a Fan.

    Credits: Josh Comins

    Posted on Jan , 29 2016 Filed under News

    Sorry for the lack of update yesterday, I didn´t have the chance to get online.

    In between there was an article of with 5 facts of Conrad you may or may did not know yet. Furthermore there´s an article including an interview with of of entertainment weekly in which he talks what he wanted “Firestone” originally to sound, that he feels that he has to impress people and wants Fans to get addicted to his voice along with other interesting things.

    Posted on Jan , 27 2016 Filed under News

    The Phillimixtape wrote a fun article about Conrads music with 5 reasons why to make babies to his music. ;) Beside the fun facts they write about his EP, his Work with Kygo, Jess Glynn and Avicii. Also INTV had Conrad in for an interview about his latest tour with Jess Glynne, that it´s not that easy to connect with Fans in an Arena as it is in smaller rooms, how he watched his first concert of Michael Jackson from a tree and that he had to back off Whiskey because it damaged his voice too much.

    Further here´s a video of MTV which mentions the list of people Conrad worked with for his upcoming album. It looks like also 5 seconds of summer is included!

    Posted on Jan , 25 2016 Filed under News

    Once again GettyImages stocked up the photos of Conrad. You can see some of his Gig with Kygo, some on stage of his Coca Cola Campaign performance as well as backstage photos.

    Beside that he talks in this video about Justin Biebers new song and his opinion on him:

    Posted on Jan , 24 2016 Filed under News

    If you´re interested in some background information how “Taste The Feeling” was created and developed, you should watch this video, where Conrad and Avicii are interviewed:

    Posted on Jan , 22 2016 Filed under News

    Beside the article Billboard wrote about the Coca Cola Campaign yesterday, they also had Conrad in for an interview, in which he talks about his friendship with Kygo, where´s the difference to Jess Glynne on stage and that his album hopefully will be released in june!

    Further here´s a short video, in which he talks about what Ed Sheeran told him after their common Shows last April.

    Posted on Jan , 21 2016 Filed under News

    The dailytelegrapgh also wrote an article about the Coca Cola campaign. You can also read what Conrad thinks about it himself, beside some HQ Promo shots. The had of the Coke campaign told about his song:
    “As we searched for the perfect song this one stood out from day one as something ­really special”
    I think absolutely exciting times are awaiting us!

    Last but not least the live performance of Conrads premiere “Taste that feeling” in Paris:

    Posted on Jan , 20 2016 Filed under News

    You can tell that Conrad recently definitely was on a secret project in Paris. He now announced that he´s the new voice of the global Coca Cola anthem! This is truly amazing and a huge step for that Coca Cola is most likely also tied with events like Rio 2016 Olympics and EUFA Euro 2016! mentioned in their article that Avicii will produce addictional versions of the song for the events.

    Coca Cola itself uploaded the whole mastered song to their YouTube channel, so grab yourself a coke and enjoy. ;)

    Posted on Jan , 19 2016 Filed under News

    We finally sorted the bug in our side bar. As a little sorry for the inconvenience, we generated a ringtone of “Shadow” for you. (All ringtones on this site are generated by us and so absolutely free and secure).

    In summer Conrad performed while is his radio promotion “Remind Me” in a wonderful acoustic version for the German show “Das Ding”. The performance is now on YouTube.

    Credits: sgayego

    Posted on Jan , 17 2016 Filed under News

    Conrad let know about his Twitter that he´s doing a Q&A on Twitter again. You can still send your questions!
    “Twitter Q&A TOMORROW (Saturday) at 2pm PST /5p EST – talk to you all then. Get questions ready with #AskConrad xx”

    Currently he is on his way to Paris. No details are mentioned, so let´s wait and see on which “secret mission” he is this time. ;)

    Furthermore here´s the full video of Conrad´s & Kygos performance of “Firestone” in San Francisco. First he sang the whole song with an orchestra before the tropical house version with Kygo started.

    Credits: Lalaluigi

    Posted on Jan , 16 2016 Filed under News

    Listen to “Running Out Of You“, Conrad´s newest cooperation with Felix Snow. Atlantic Records uploaded the song. Sadly it´s not working for every country. If you can listen to it, what´s your thought about it? You can let us know in the chatbox.

    Edit: The video of the link isn´t working no more but you can listen to it here:

    Posted on Jan , 15 2016 Filed under News

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