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 Welcome to Conrad-Sewell-Online, your ultimate fan source for Australian singer/songwriter Conrad. We will provide you with all the latest news, media, photos, dates and more. Please explore this site and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments and contributes you may have. Enjoy your time around!
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 Conrad Sewell was raised between the UK and Brisbane. After discovering his love for music in early years already, he worked hard to make it in the business ever since. The success of "Firestone" and "Start Again" eventually proved his decision right. He currently is based in Los Angeles, living his dream to work as singer and songwriter. 

    Conrad did an exclusive persformance of “Who You Lovin” for Naked Noise.
    On the Website you also find the link of the photo shoot he had last year with them.

    Posted on Feb , 29 2016 Filed under News

    If you want to have a closer look behind the scenes of who is affected in Conrads career and why, you should read this article of music connection. It gives a pretty precise overview.

    Alex of Nova 102.7 also had an interview him, in which he tells about jobbing at a cinema before his career started off and why it was hard for him to sell high priced Cokes to old women.

    Posted on Feb , 27 2016 Filed under News

    If you missed the chat of Conrad with Smallzy of Nova 96.9, you can still listen to in on their website. Conrad tells about his flat in Los Angeles, the biggest Diva on tour and that his album will be ready in approximately two weeks.

    Also load up a next part of the interview they had with him:

    Posted on Feb , 24 2016 Filed under News

    Hey guys,

    sorry for the lack of updates. I had a little accident and so still recover. Meanwhile Conrad takes a few days of a well deserved break, he nevertheless will be on Smallzy´s radio show tomorrow nicht at Nova 96.9. A detailed time is not mentioned yet. Also he´s “striking a pose” at some photos which where taken at the Grammy´s.

    Sorry once again for being out!

    Posted on Feb , 23 2016 Filed under News

    Lately Conrad is up to do some radio promotion again. Yesterday he had phone interviews, the first with Rove&Sam at their morning show. If you missed it, you can still listen to it on their podcast. He talks about adding final touches and which Fan items he owns of Kanye West.

    Before listeining to interview 2 with Hit 30 below, there are also some new HQ photos by aceshowbiz.

    Posted on Feb , 18 2016 Filed under News

    The songwriteruniverse wrote a really detailed article about Conrads career and all the work behind the scenes with quotes of what he says about it himself – like why it is important to collaborate with others and what it feels like to create a song from nothing to something that could change a life.

    B96 Chicago interviewed him backstage at the Grammy´s. He talks about the development of his career so far, his EP and the upcoming album.

    Also Entertainment weekly Canada had and Interview with Conrad to introduce him to Canada. Watch the video below:

    Posted on Feb , 17 2016 Filed under News

    TeenVogue recently had an interview with Conrad in which he talks about a few surprises that will be dropping within the next month and how “Taste That Feeling” was born. Also on the site his latest Podcast is included in which describes some of his songs in one Hashtag word, his first memory with Coca Cola and much more.

    Beside that Conrad uploaded a video with some of the photo of the Twitter Hashtag #RemindMeOfThatDay, you can watch it here.

    Below you can watch the live performance of “Firestone” from San Diego in a pretty good quality.

    Credits: Siaoliv

    Posted on Feb , 14 2016 Filed under News

    Yesterday night the Tour with Jess Glynne ended in Los Angeles. Beside that iheartradio had a chat with Conrad, which you can listen to in their Podcast.

    If you attended a show, we´d like to know your favorite moments. Let us know! :)


    Posted on Feb , 12 2016 Filed under News

    After the interview yesterday, Breakfast Television Toronto has also uploaded Conrad´s performance of “Taste That Feeling“. (Has been deleted in between.

    Further the Entertainmeht Website MrWillWong wrote an article about Conrad´s appereances in Toronto beside the Breakfast Television + uploaded his performane of “Hold Me Up” at the Coca Cola Event in the city.

    Last but not least you can watch “Hello I´m Conrad Sewell” below. A question and answer game by Warner Music Aus.

    Posted on Feb , 10 2016 Filed under News

    Conrad had a quick stop at the Breakfast Television in Toronto, Canada yesterday. He talks about the success of the past and this year. The video of his “Taste That Feeling” performance is not online yet.

    Posted on Feb , 09 2016 Filed under News

    Wallpart offers now a print poster of Conrad for a pretty decent price. You can choose 4 sizes from 6×4 inch (10×15 cm) up to 36×24 inch (91×61 cm).

    Furthermore 5 lucky winners hat the opportunity of a meet & greet with Conrad at radio Kiis 96.7. View the photos on their website.

    Posted on Feb , 08 2016 Filed under News

    While Conrad enjoy his day of on Superbowl sunday at home GettyImages and Zimbio stocked up their gallery with various live photos in HQ again. Especially Zimbio offers a lot of photos of various events.

    Posted on Feb , 07 2016 Filed under News

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