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 Welcome to Conrad-Sewell-Online, your ultimate fan source for Australian singer/songwriter Conrad. We will provide you with all the latest news, media, photos, dates and more. Please explore this site and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments and contributes you may have. Enjoy your time around!
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 Conrad Sewell was raised between the UK and Brisbane. After discovering his love for music in early years already, he worked hard to make it in the business ever since. The success of "Firestone" and "Start Again" eventually proved his decision right. He currently is based in Los Angeles, living his dream to work as singer and songwriter. 

    Conrad had an interview “The Lowdown” before his show at the L.A. Theater, in which he talks about sacrfices of living the life style as a singer, that a song with birdie will be on his upcoming album, that there´s also a secret HipHop collaboration that´s waiting for us and what he thinks to get compared with Michael Jackson a lot of times.

    Also Nickelodeons BuzzTracks load up his performance of “Remind Me” in HQ. What a high note in the end!

    Posted on Mar , 31 2016 Filed under News

    After Conrad had an incredable show along with sister Grace at the Honda Stage in Los Angeles yesterday night, a new concert date you can win Tickets for appeared.

    Mix 105.1 gives a away Tickets for April 8th at the “Club 50 West” in Salt Lake City. Read the instruction how to win on their website.

    For everyone who wasn´t able to see the live stream of yesterday night´s show, iheartradio published an article with the highlights as well as with video scenes and photos. Let´s hope that there will be also some video material soon.


    Posted on Mar , 30 2016 Filed under News

    iheartradio offers the chance to all Fans who can´t attend to the show of Conrad and Grace tonight to listen to the live stream of their concert!

    “Fans can tune in free for a live video stream of the exclusive concert on Tuesday, March 29th, at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT. A link to the live stream will be provided here before the start of the show.”

    Keep an eye on their website!

    Posted on Mar , 29 2016 Filed under News

    As promised, we set up a new section with the covers Conrad did. Sadly, Jess Glynne´s “My Love” is no longer available. In the area you can now watch:

    • Let It Go (James Bay Cover)
    • Wild (Troye Sivan Cover)
    • King (Years and Years Cover)
    • Jealous (Nick Jonas Cover)
    • Man In the Mirror (Michael Jackson Cover)
    • Hotline Bling (Drake Cover)

    We hope you enjoy it and like to wish everyone a very happy easter, enjoy your holidays!

    Posted on Mar , 27 2016 Filed under Site Update

    Billboard shared a video of Conrad test-driving a Ferrari, while he gets interviewed. He talks about his first car, what he felt when he drove for the first site on the right site in the States and it´s still cool to hear his own songs on air while being on the road.

    Beside that Celebmix summed up Conrads year so far in a nice article. It´s amazing to see in a review how many highlights he already hit in the past three month!

    Posted on Mar , 24 2016 Filed under News

    A few weeks ago ralphieaversa had an interview with Conrad which aired by now. He talks about his favourit spots in New York, which other cities of the USA he likes and why he decided to sign at a U.S. Label. The full audio can be listened to at the end of the interview.

    Posted on Mar , 21 2016 Filed under News

    If you´re around Hollywood, you have the chance to see him perform for free today! He´s playing a show at 5 p.m. today at Hollywood & Highland for NickelodeonTV‘s BuzzTracks.

    For all Fans around Housten, Texas, you have the chance to see him play live pn April. 2. at the NCAA Music Festival. The show is open and free to everyone. A time for his gig is not set yet, it will be somewhen betweetn 12 p.m. and 9 p.m.. The site itself tells that updates on that will come soon.

    Posted on Mar , 19 2016 Filed under News

    During Andra Day´s Tour, Conrad seems to perform his whole set acustically. A Fan recorded “Hold Me up” in this beautiful version in Toronto. If you have been on a show or plan to go, we would love to see more full songs of these special performances!

    Further famous Blogger Perez Hilton wrote an article about Conrad´s  “Remind Me” video. It´s amazing to see all the positive reactions!

    Credits: Steve Godin

    Posted on Mar , 19 2016 Filed under News

    Today was the huge day, the video for “Remind Me” is finally out! Be sure to get your tissues before watching it. Personally I love the pure, touching statement of what it´s about, what are your thoughts?

    Besides that you have the chance for a M&G with Conrad at Hardrock Cafe Washington, DC (999 E St NW) on March 21, between 4-5 p.m. Take your chance if you´re in the area!

    Posted on Mar , 18 2016 Filed under News

    Also Nickelodeons Buzz Track uploaded a 60 secend Quick Interview with Conrad. Watch his answers below:

    In the second video he performs “Remind Me” in an acoustic version. Goose bumps guaranteed!

    Posted on Mar , 16 2016 Filed under News

    Today is the first Tour day Andra Day. Conrad will her support her at various shows. (All dates in the sidebar on the right). Beside that he will also have a FREE gig this saturday, 19/03 at Nickelodeons Buzz Track Live at Hollywood & Highland in Los Angeles 5. pm. A Ticket is not needed!

    3 days ago he also performed at the McDonalds Lounge of the SXSW festival. Now there´s finally at least one video of him singing “Hold Me Up”.

    Posted on Mar , 15 2016 Filed under News

    Trebelmusic had an interview with Conrad. They talked about his breakthrough year, his new partnership with Coca-Cola, and the ARIA Awards. Thanks to Trebelmusic for sharing!

    If you missed the Q&A with Conrad tonight, here´s a little excerpt with the most important information:

    • He will go to Brazil this year to perform at the Olympics
    • His official website will have re-design in the next month, so you can order exclusive merchandise there.
    • May will be most certainly the month for Australia that he will be back for some shows.
    Posted on Mar , 11 2016 Filed under News

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