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 Welcome to Conrad-Sewell-Online, your ultimate fan source for Australian singer/songwriter Conrad. We will provide you with all the latest news, media, photos, dates and more. Please explore this site and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments and contributes you may have. Enjoy your time around!
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 Conrad Sewell was raised between the UK and Brisbane. After discovering his love for music in early years already, he worked hard to make it in the business ever since. The success of "Firestone" and "Start Again" eventually proved his decision right. He currently is based in Los Angeles, living his dream to work as singer and songwriter. 

    “Secrets” (Collaboration with CID)

    Release date: 02.03.2017
    All I Know EPDownload

    1. Secrets


    “Taste The Feeling”

    Release date: 11.03.2016
    All I Know EPDownload

    1. Start Again
    2. Who You Lovin
    3. Shadow
    4. Firestone (Acoustic)
    5. 21 Questions
    6. Remind me


    “All I Know” EP

    Release date: 13.11.2015
    All I Know EPDownload

    1. Start Again
    2. Who You Lovin
    3. Shadow
    4. Firestone (Acoustic)
    5. 21 Questions
    6. Remind me


    “Start Again” EP

    Release date: 30.10.2015
    Start Again EPDownload (UK only)

    1. Start Again
    2. Who You Lovin
    3. Wandering
    4. Firestone


    “Little Love” (Collaboration Kilian & Jo)

    Release date: N. A.
    Braver Love by Arty feat. Conrad SewellDownload

    1. Little Love
    2. Little Love
    (Samuel Remix)


    “Braver Love” (Collaboration Arty)

    Release date: 21.08.2015
    Braver Love by Arty feat. Conrad SewellDownload

    1. Braver Love


    “Start Again” – Single

    Release date: 06.03.2015
    Start Again

    1. Start Again


    “Hold me up” – Single

    Release date: 12.05.2015
    Hold me up

    1. Hold me up


    “Firestone” (Collaboration Kygo)

    Release date:
    1. Dec. 2014
    Kygo SingleDownload

    1. Firestone


    Mike Stud (Collaboration)

    Album “Closer”
    Release date: 2014

    Mike Stud

    1. On & On
    2. Super Faded


    sons of midnight – album

    Release date: 09.03.2012
    sons of midnight

    1. The Fire
    2. Never Again
    3. Stand Up For Love
    4. It Was Worth It
    5. Sliding Doors
    6. Girlwise
    7. Living In This World
    8. Head On
    9. So Beautiful It Hurts
    10. The Realist
    11. Saints And Sinners
    12. I Don’t Get It
    13. Hard To Love You


    sons of midnight – Single “The Fire”

    Release date: 21.02.2012
    The Fire

    1. The Fire (Single Edit)
    2. The Fire (Acoustic   version)
    3. So beautiful it hurts (Acoustic version)
    4. The Fire



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